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          This Act is current to May 5, 2021
          See the Tables of Legislative Changes for this Act’s legislative history, including any changes not in force.

          Family Law Act

          [SBC 2011] CHAPTER 25

          Assented to November 24, 2011

          Part 1 — Interpretation
          2General interpretation
          3Spouses and relationships between spouses
          Part 2 — Resolution of Family Law Disputes
          Division 1 — Resolution Out of Court Preferred
          4Purposes of Part
          5Duty to disclose
          6Agreements respecting family law disputes generally
          7Replacing agreements
          8Duties of family dispute resolution professionals
          9Duties of parties respecting family dispute resolution
          Division 2 — Family Justice Counsellors
          10Family justice counsellors
          11Confidentiality of information
          12Family justice counsellors not to be compelled
          13Information obtained while receiving assistance
          Division 3 — Parenting Coordinators
          14Parenting coordinators
          15When parenting coordinators may assist
          16Information sharing for parenting coordination
          17Assistance from parenting coordinators
          18Determinations by parenting coordinators
          19Changing or setting aside determinations
          Division 4 — Arbitration
          19.2Arbitration agreements respecting family law disputes
          19.3 Setting aside arbitration agreements
          19.4 Stay of court proceedings
          19.5Orders respecting protection of persons or property
          19.6Order for appointment of arbitrator
          19.7No revocation of appointment
          19.8Independence and impartiality of arbitrator
          19.9Order revoking appointment
          19.10Law applicable to substance of dispute
          19.12Production and evidence from non-parties
          19.13Powers of arbitrator
          19.14Form, content and delivery of arbitration award
          19.15Correction and interpretation of arbitration award
          19.16Arbitration award binding
          19.17Termination of arbitration
          19.18Orders respecting arbitration awards
          19.20Enforcement of arbitration awards
          Part 3 — Parentage
          Division 1 — General Matters
          21Void and voidable marriages
          22Effect of Part
          Division 2 — Determining Parentage
          23Parentage to be determined by this Part
          24Donor not automatically parent
          25Parentage if adoption
          26Parentage if no assisted reproduction
          27Parentage if assisted reproduction
          28Parentage if assisted reproduction after death
          29Parentage if surrogacy arrangement
          30Parentage if other arrangement
          31Orders declaring parentage
          32New evidence
          33Parentage tests
          Division 3 — Orders Made Outside British Columbia
          35Recognition of Canadian extraprovincial declaratory orders
          36Recognition of non-Canadian extraprovincial declaratory orders
          Part 4 — Care of and Time with Children
          Division 1 — Best Interests of Child
          37Best interests of child
          38Assessing family violence
          Division 2 — Parenting Arrangements
          39Parents are generally guardians
          40Parenting arrangements
          41Parental responsibilities
          42Parenting time
          43Exercise of parental responsibilities
          44Agreements respecting parenting arrangements
          45Orders respecting parenting arrangements
          46Changes to child's residence if no agreement or order
          47Changing, suspending or terminating orders respecting parenting arrangements
          48Informal parenting arrangements
          49Referral of questions to court
          Division 3 — Guardianship
          50Agreements respecting guardianship
          51Orders respecting guardianship
          52Who is entitled to notice
          53Appointment of guardian in case of death
          54Loss of guardian
          55Appointment of standby guardian
          56Limits on appointments
          57Appointments must be accepted to take effect
          Division 4 — Contact with a Child
          58Agreements respecting contact
          59Orders respecting contact
          60Changing, suspending or terminating orders respecting contact
          Division 5 — Compliance Respecting Parenting Time or Contact with a Child
          61Denial of parenting time or contact
          62When denial is not wrongful
          63Failure to exercise parenting time or contact
          64Orders to prevent removal of child
          Division 6 — Relocation
          65Definition and application
          66Notice of relocation
          67Resolving issues arising from relocation
          68Child may be relocated unless guardian objects
          69Orders respecting relocation
          70If relocation permitted
          71Not a change in circumstances
          Division 7 — Extraprovincial Matters Respecting Parenting Arrangements
          72Definitions and interpretation
          74Determining whether to act under this Part
          75Recognition of extraprovincial orders
          76Superseding extraprovincial orders
          77Wrongful removal of child
          78Extraprovincial evidence
          79Referral to court
          Division 8 — International Child Abduction
          80International child abduction
          Part 5 — Property Division
          Division 1 — General Rules
          81Equal entitlement and responsibility
          82Rights and remedies of third parties
          Division 2 — Determining Family Property and Family Debt
          84Family property
          85Excluded property
          86Family debt
          87Valuing family property and family debt
          Division 3 — Before Agreement or Final Order is Made
          88Orders under this Division
          89Orders for interim distribution of property
          90Temporary orders respecting family residence
          91Temporary orders respecting protection of property
          Division 4 — Dividing Family Property and Family Debt
          92Agreements respecting property division
          93Setting aside agreements respecting property division
          94Orders respecting property division
          95Unequal division by order
          96Division of excluded property
          97Giving effect to property division
          Division 5 — Enforcing and Protecting Property Interests
          99Filing in land title office
          100Filing in personal property registry
          101Orders for postponement, cancellation or discharge
          102Donor of gift is party to agreement
          103Enforceability of interest in property
          104Rights under this Part
          Division 6 — Jurisdiction and Choice of Law Rules
          105Definitions and interpretation
          106Determining whether to act under this Part
          107Proper law of relationship
          108Choice of law rules
          109Extraprovincial property
          Part 6 — Pension Division
          Division 1 — General Matters
          111Benefits to be determined in accordance with this Part
          112Original agreements and orders
          113Designation of limited members
          Division 2 — Division of Benefits under Local Plans
          114Benefits determined under defined contribution provision
          115Benefits determined under benefit formula provision
          116Local hybrid plans
          117Local plans after pension commencement
          Division 3 — Division of Other Benefits
          119Supplemental plans
          120Compensation for lost supplemental benefits
          121Benefits for specified individuals
          122Disability benefits
          123Extraprovincial plans
          Division 4 — Death of Member or Limited Member
          124Death of member or limited member
          125Entitlement to survivor benefits
          126Waiving pension or survivor benefits
          Division 5 — Other Matters Respecting Pension Division
          127Agreements respecting division
          128Determining compensation
          129Reapportioning benefits
          130Clarifying division of benefits
          131Changing division of benefits in unusual circumstances
          132Retroactive division of benefits
          Division 6 — Administrative Matters
          133Information from plan
          134Agreement or order required for division of benefits
          135Information required by plan
          136Notice or waiver
          137Implementing division of benefits
          138Adjustment of member's pension
          139Transfer of commuted value of separate pension or share
          140Administrative costs
          141Income tax
          142Claim does not relieve duty to administer benefits
          143Administrator's duties
          144Trust of survivor and pension benefits
          145No further entitlement after division of benefits
          Part 7 — Child and Spousal Support
          Division 1 — Definitions
          Division 2 — Child Support
          147Duty to provide support for child
          148Agreements respecting child support
          149Orders respecting child support
          150Determining child support
          151If parentage at issue
          152Changing, suspending or terminating orders respecting child support
          Division 3 — Child Support Service
          154Establishment of child support service
          155Recalculation of child support
          156Correction of recalculation
          157Changing, suspending or terminating recalculated amounts
          158Information to be given to child support service
          Division 4 — Spousal Support
          160Duty to provide support for entitled spouse
          161Objectives of spousal support
          162Determining spousal support
          163Agreements respecting spousal support
          164Setting aside agreements respecting spousal support
          165Orders respecting spousal support
          166Misconduct of spouse
          167Changing, suspending or terminating orders respecting spousal support
          168Review of spousal support
          169Review of spousal support if pension benefits
          Division 5 — General
          170Matters that may be provided for in support orders
          171Support obligations after death
          172Separate support amounts required
          173Priority of child support
          174Reducing or cancelling arrears
          Part 8 — Children's Property
          176Guardian not automatically entitled to receive property
          177Delivery of any property to trustee
          178Delivery of small property
          179Appointment of trustee by Supreme Court
          180Subsequent applications respecting trustee
          181When child's property must be delivered to child
          Part 9 — Protection from Family Violence
          183Orders respecting protection
          184Whether to make protection order
          185If child a family member
          186Orders without notice
          187Changing or terminating orders respecting protection
          188Enforcing orders respecting protection
          189Conflict between orders
          190Rights not affected by Act
          191Extraprovincial orders
          Part 10 — Court Processes
          Division 1 — Jurisdiction of Court Generally
          192Supreme Court jurisdiction
          193Provincial Court jurisdiction
          194Overlapping court jurisdiction
          194.1Joining proceedings
          195Provincial Court enforcement of Supreme Court orders
          196Certain actions must not be maintained
          Division 2 — Procedural Matters
          197Complying with duties respecting family dispute resolution
          198Time limits
          199Conduct of proceeding
          200Applications may be heard in party's absence
          201Legal capacity of children
          202Court may decide how child's evidence is received
          203Children's lawyer
          204Intervention by Attorney General or other person
          205Spouse compellable as witness
          206Exclusion of the public or from publication
          207Information accompanying orders
          Division 3 — Standing in Indigenous Matters
          208Guardianship of Nisg?a'a child
          209Guardianship of treaty first nation child
          210Property proceeding involving treaty lands
          Division 4 — General Orders the Court May Make
          211Orders respecting reports
          212Orders respecting disclosure
          213Enforcing orders respecting disclosure
          214Orders respecting agreements
          215Changing, suspending or terminating orders generally
          216Court may make interim orders
          217Interim orders before changing, suspending or terminating orders
          218Terms and conditions of orders
          219Persons may consent to order being made
          220Court may make order on behalf of child
          221Misuse of court process
          Division 5 — Orders Respecting Conduct
          222Purposes for which orders respecting conduct may be made
          223Orders respecting case management
          224Orders respecting dispute resolution, counselling and programs
          225Orders restricting communications
          226Orders respecting residence
          227Other orders respecting conduct
          228Enforcing orders respecting conduct
          Division 6 — Enforcement Generally
          229Service need not be proved
          230Enforcing orders generally
          231Extraordinary remedies
          232Offence Act application
          Division 7 — Appeals
          233Appeals from Provincial Court orders
          234Order under appeal remains in effect
          Part 11 — Search Officers
          236Search officers
          237Searchable information
          238Requesting and disclosing searchable information
          239Requesting searchable information
          240Disclosing searchable information
          241Information-sharing agreements
          242Orders respecting searchable information
          243Restrictions on disclosure of information
          Part 12 — Regulations
          245Regulations respecting family dispute resolution
          246Regulations respecting pension division
          247Regulations respecting child support
          248General regulation-making powers
          249Other regulation-making powers
          Part 13 — Transitional Provisions
          251Transition — care of and time with children
          252Transition — proceeding respecting property division
          253Transition — pension benefits
          254Transition — changing, suspending or terminating orders
          255Transition — restraining orders
          256Transition — regulations
          Part 14 — Repeals, Related Amendment and Consequential Amendments
          257-259 Repeals
          260 Related Amendment
          261-481 Consequential Amendments